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Our Products & Services

Video Alarm

Video Alarm

We offer solutions for ATM site Monitoring, Cell Tower Monitoring, Data centre Infrastructure Manger, Diesel Generator Monitoring, Power Grid Monitoring, Road Infrastructure Manger, Smart Building Solution.

Online Fuel, Driver, Vehicle & Mobile Asset Monitoring

Active Guard Telematics offers Intelligent Fleet and fuel consumption Monitoring Solutions for Ships, Cars, Trucks, Aircrafts etc

Fleet Monitoring


Hi-Tech Security

We have deployed intrusion detection systems and hi-tech security systems for highbrow clients across Nigeria.

remote Telementry

We offer solution for personnel monitoring, remote tank level monitoring, temperature and pressure measurement for oil and gas pipeline anywhere, anytime.

Remote Telementry

Solar Alarm System

solar alarm system

We offer solution for with alarm systems for security for home office, warehouse and wherever. 

Telecom Security

We also offer security monitoring solutions for telecom cell sites for intrusion detection and full suppy and consumption monitoring. 

Telecom Secruity

Safe City Planning

Safe City Planning

Offering safe city planning service. City Security is planned and effectively implemented. We help with city wide cctv monitoring and drone deployment to ensure safety of all citizens for our clients.

Remote Asset tracking

Activeguard offer solutions for real time monitoring of mobile or stationary assets via satellite or the gsm network

Asset Monitoring

Fleet Management

Intelligent Fleet Management

Activeguard currently monitoring over 25,000 vehicles and over 3000 trucks across Nigeria for clients in various industry sectors. We help clients monitor fuel consumption and driver performance in realtime. This eliminates fraud and reduce vehicle maintenance and operational cost significantly.

Activeguard Beats Criminals to the game with the launch of GPS Trackers with Anti GPS jamming Technology.