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Activeguard Security
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who we are

Activeguard now provide equipment management and training for cargo, vehicle and passenger screening to enhance our client’s toolbox of counter terrorism solutions. We can deploy the most advanced Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) devices, trainers and managers on a monthly lease basis to support prime contractors or transportation majors seeking to leverage ETD and narcotics screening to bolster their security posture and reduce their operating cost.

Our systems are ideal for churches, mosques, critical infrastructures, banks, schools, government offices, airports, courier mail screening, oil and gas facilities, motor parks and markets etc.

Our Services

Providing professional security and telemetry solutions for Governmental and multi-national corporations requires a homogeneous mixture that is composed of a multitude of products and solution approaches Every region and client requires an individual approach and individual products in order to achieve such solution.

Car TRacker

We can track your vehicle Realtime.

ActiveGuard Telematics™ integrates manpower and technology to create a cost effective alternative or complement to on-site security guards. Our solutions encompasses:

Fuel Consumption? Vehicle Usage?

Monitor facilities, real-time and continuously

Remote Monitoring

Manage assets remotely, Control valves and pumps in oil and gas fields.

In today’s business world, establishing routine and implementing a variety monitoring sources offer the greatest insurance against fraud, theft, and uncontrolled access.

The Challenge

Find an effective, flexible, state-of-the-art system to reliably.


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